Types of Men You Should Avoid at All Costs

Ladies, it’s 2018! You do you, and if you like him, then YOU should make the first move. This article, however, will give you an insight on guys who you should NOT chase!

types of indian men

Relationships, in general, all throughout our lives have a huge impact on us and provides us an insight of the real world. Going back to the age-old debate of “Who should make the first move? “- Ladies, it’s 2018! You do you, and if you like him, then YOU should make the first move. This article, however, will give you an insight on guys who you should NOT chase!


Always on his phone, never gives straight answers when you ask him who he’s texting, most likely cancels last- minute…

If he refuses to post any pictures with you or, of course, if he says that he doesn’t want to introduce you as his girlfriend because “he wants his privacy.”

Does that sound familiar? Then, girl, you need to get out of this situation ASAP because the chances are that for this prince charming? You are not the only one whose “shoe” fits.


Now, if this man has already made it clear to you that he is not interested in anything serious and you share the same feelings-well then good for the both of you, go ahead and have fun!
However, if he insists that he likes you and only you and yet refuses to acknowledge whatever relationship that you have with him or squirms and shuts out every time YOU ask him what you are? Yeah, he most probably will run from the commitment like the Kardashians from a sale! He most likely has emotional baggage the size of a small country which he will NOT share with you and will probably leave you heartbroken as soon as things start to get serious.

Girl, why don’t you just spare yourself the heartache and get yourself a man who knows your worth!


You know those people who try to over-compensate for a lot of things? This one, right here, might just be the most dangerous one yet and definitely one whom you should avoid like the plague!

He will most likely try to exert his “manliness” from the very first date be it by trying to show off about his job or his ex-girlfriends. Misogyny will ooze off of him, and this man will likely become the boyfriend who ends up controlling your life. So, ladies;

Leave him high and dry
And tell him, boy, bye!


“It’s your first time meeting this man- the conversation flowing, you have a good feeling about this night. The server comes to take your order, and before you even have the chance to open the menu, this guy rattles off his order… And then orders for you?!”

Okay, now this is a common one and yet we somehow always fall for him. This man, from the first date, will not only criticize but also make ongoing attempts to change EVERYTHING about you. From the way you dress to your friends and how they are a “bad influence” on you to where you live…..ugh!

You are a strong, independent individual- so the next time some jerk tries to order a “salad” for you?

Get the burger and fries- TO GO

For every Simran, your Raj is definitely out there somewhere. He may not play the ukulele perfectly, he may not come bursting out a Dharma Productions Set, but he will be perfect for you!
Till then, watch out for players and the cheaters. Get your heart broken and break a few hearts!

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